My approach is simple: Utilize a common sense and practical approach to arrive at real solutions for Virginians. As your Supervisor I will restore this common sense approach in Stafford. My priorities are to focus on growing jobs and the economy, transportation improvements, and the quality of our children’s education to create a better quality of life for middle class Virginia families.


I am a proud father of three children, all of whom received education through the Virginia public school system. Three of my five grandchildren are currently enrolled in Stafford elementary schools. Prior to running for public office my wife, Kay, and I were also founding members of the Colonial Forge High School Parent Teacher Student Association, and I was the school’s first PTSA president. During that time I grew to understand the complexities and financial commitment required to provide a quality education.

As a  member of the House of Delegates Education Committee, I have spend a great deal of time working on and advancing legislation to benefit our children and improve their learning environment.

Safety first! Our schools must be safe and harassment free. We took steps to prevent harassment by passing anti-bullying legislation and implemented prevention education. Following the tragic death of 13 year old Gwyneth Griffin, at her middle school, from complications from a cardiac arrest, I worked with her family and received overwhelming bipartisan support to pass legislation that requires every teacher and high school student be trained in CPR. As a result, every year the Commonwealth will graduate 80 thousand CPR trained adults into our communities.

I will continue to champion legislation that will provide a safe environment for our children to learn and grow into productive members of society. We need to expand the tools our schools have in order to prevent those tragedies that we see too often on the news.


Transportation issues represent the single greatest challenge facing Prince William and Stafford residents. Each day commuters and those who travel in our community waste thousands of hours sitting in traffic. Just going to the grocery store can be a time consuming challenge. I commuted 30 miles north on I-95 into Northern Virginia to work and I recognize the detriment these problems are to our quality of life, our economic productivity, and our safety on the roads.

Safety first! There is another reason why these transportation issues are the most important to me. In 2004 I lost my daughter, Emily, to a tragic car accident on Mountain View Road in Stafford. This tragedy inspired me to get involved in politics and to focus on safer roads by making transportation a priority in both Stafford and the Commonwealth. If you would like to hear more about my position on Transportation issues please watch my videos speaking on the House floor

In 2013, we were able to pass real transportation funding reform that gave us the desperately needed dollars to build and expand our roads. The revenue raised cannot be used for anything except transportation infrastructure. Unfortunately, much of the funding that was in place when I left office in 2013 was removed because of patrician politics in Richmond. I will fight to restore transportation funding that our region was promised and for further improvements to transportation.

I will champion legislation that will:
A) Reduce congestion and traffic.
B) Increase access to alternative forms of transportation.
C) Make our roads safer for our families.
D) Upgrade and increase maintenance on secondary roads. 


I work hard to ensure that Virginia remains the best place to do business. Under the conservative leadership of the Speaker, we enacted policies that had lowered Virginia’s unemployment rate, balanced the budget, and put money into the Rainy Day Fund.

Less regulation, investments in transportation and education, passing a balanced budget, and Virginia’s status as a right-to-work state are the recipe for job growth and a strong economy. Because of pro-growth and business efforts I have continually received an "A" grade from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and the high legislative scores from our Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

As your Delegate, creating jobs for our families in Stafford and Prince William Counties will be a top priority of mine every day in Richmond.

Military and Veterans

Thirty years of service in the Marine Corps, where I retired at the rank of Colonel, revealed to me firsthand the sacrifice and service our men and women in uniform provide us. As a member of the General Assembly Military and Veteran’s Caucus, I work closely with veterans groups and the Department of Veterans Services to formulate policy that benefits the thousands of veterans and active duty service members who reside in the Commonwealth.

My Promise

I work for you! My door is always open to assist you in any way possible. I will never forget where I came from and I pledge that I will perform my duties ethically and with honor.

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  • commented 2017-01-28 08:57:45 -0500
    Dear Delegate Dudenhefer,

    Thank you for serving our state.

    I am happy to read that transportation is an issue for you. Transportation is an issue that is also a concern to me. Time is a finite resource for all of us. Besides the time that is consumed in traveling, greater commute times equal more money spent on gas as well as greater vehicle maintenance costs, and more pollution in the air we all breath.

    Prior to the “Public/Private Partnership” of the I-95 HOV lanes, my family could access the lanes by fulfilling the three passenger requirement. After six p.m. and on weekends and holidays, we were able to drive on the lanes without that requirement. We used the lanes frequently.

    Unfortunately, the EZ pass required to access the express lanes on I-95 is not within our budget. Because of the dynamic pricing system for the lanes, a commuter is never sure until he is about to enter the lanes, how much the trip will cost. Although our tax dollars have helped to pay for the lanes, we cannot access them. It seems literally to me that this is a case of highway robbery!

    In contrast, we were impressed with the toll road that we traveled around Raleigh, NC. The fees were reasonable, constant, and we were not required to purchase an EZ (Quick) pass in order to access the lanes. We were billed an affordable fee for our trip.

    I invite you to travel up and down the I-95 corridor on a holiday or any weekend. It has been my observation that the toll lanes are greatly underutilized.

    What are you and your fellow delegates going to do to make the EZ pass lanes affordable to all citizens who pay taxes in the state?

    Also, I am happy to see that you are an advocate for public schools. The selection of Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education is great cause for concern for our public schools. Public schools are one of the best things this country has to off it’s citizens. My children received great educations in Stafford County, and now my granddaughter is in school here. I will be watching closely to make sure that the Virginia House of Delegates does not act to destroy public schools through “Public/Private” ventures.

    And the last issue of great concern to me is that I believe that medical procedures should not be legislated for anyone, male or female, by the state. How do you stand on this issue?

    Thank you again for your service,

    Kristine Kraft